Vacuum Measurement High-Vacuum Sensor is Tough

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

The new VSP 3000 Pirani thermal vacuum sensor is a high-vacuum gauge with excellent corrosion resistance and robustness, according to vendor Vacuubrand.

(Picture: Vacuubrand)
(Picture: Vacuubrand)

With its ceramic-encapsulated measuring element, embedded reference element for temperature stability, and wetted parts made from high-grade chemically resistant plastics, the VSP 3000 is highly shock-resistant and can survive sudden “bumps” of gas — a typical cause of failure for standard Pirani sensor filaments. The patent-pending sensor measures from atmospheric pressure down to 10–3 mbar, and up to eight of them can be connected to a Vacuubrand DCP 3000 vacuum gauge and CVC 3000 vacuum controller.