Drum Filler High-Capacity Drum Filler With New Features

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Feige Filling presents it´s technically revamped drum filler: The Integra 84 for the fully automatic and calibrated filling of bung-type drums now offers amongst others SAP connection and electronic torque evaluation.

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(Source: Feige Filling)

The Feige experts have responded to the needs for highly efficient filling equipment: The Integra 84 fulfils any demands on modern, fully automatic and calibrated high-output filling.

But what are the new features? The SAP con-nection, for example, eases integrating the equipment into company specific processes. Furthermore, Remote Control via handheld enables mobile and convenient operation and fault rectification, and much more. Industry 4.0: Condition Monitoring regularly supplies parameter of the condition in machinery. Another new feature is evaluating the torque while the drums are closed.

The Integra 84 stands out for its use of four work stations working in parallel which makes drum processing much faster. Fitted with appropriate accessories, the drum filler is also suitable for filling ISO steel or ISO plastics drums between 50 l and 230 l.

In Düsseldorf the interested visitors can have a close look at the equipment thanks to the simulation of a production cycle. The process will be shown with plastics as well as with steel drums and a labeller. A video demonstrating the SAP connection in an entertaining way will round off the simulation.

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