HMIs Hazardous Area LOIs with Sunlight-Viewable Touch Screens

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

As a first in the basic series of explosion-protected compact operator interfaces, R. Stahl HMI Systems is launching new panels for machine-oriented visualisation featuring a sunlight-viewable touch screen.

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The new series 200 HMIs from R. Stahl HMI Systems have 7-inch touch screens which remain easily readable even in direct sunlight.
The new series 200 HMIs from R. Stahl HMI Systems have 7-inch touch screens which remain easily readable even in direct sunlight.
(Picture: R. Stahl)

Even when installed outdoors and in bright daylight, the full colour 7-inch displays with widescreen format (800 x 480 pixels) remain easily readable throughout, thanks to an anti-glare coating that effectively reduces light reflections. Series 200 HMIs also offer a high degree of compatibility with the predecessor Falcon series (ET-/MT-65, ET-75 and ET-125), which makes a gradual changeover from the monochrome screens to the high-contrast colour displays with touch capability much easier, particularly for users with a great many operator interfaces in their inventory.

On the one hand, the 200 series is mechanically compatible with regard to the dimensions of the predecessor series, either directly or with an adapter frame, and this also applies to models with added customised stainless steel or plastic push buttons. Additionally, the comfortable and familiar SPSPlusWIN Windows project engineering tool can still be used to edit screens, process connections and messages. Projects can be imported from existing devices and, if necessary, adapted for further processing.

As a standard, the new HMIs are fitted with the Windows Embedded Compact operating system, but are also available on request with an open OS to integrate proprietary software. They are highly flexible with their driver support for QNX, Linux and other systems. Connectivity to almost all major automation systems is also ensured. Integration into networks is effected via explosion-protected Ethernet interfaces for copper or optical fibre connections, legacy serial ports or an optional WLAN module.

The multi-lingual devices are suitable for installation worldwide in hazardous zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. Major regional certifications (such as NEC, TR, CSA, KCC, INMETRO) are already pending. The operator interfaces are equipped with a front made of hardened glass and a seawater-proof metal enclosure with IP66 ingress protection. They can withstand vibrations and shock and operate reliably in all climatic zones, even in varying temperatures – over a very broad range from -40°C to +65°C, without requiring additional heating or cooling.

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