Thermal Processing Harper to Supply Pusher Furnace Line to Kepco Nuclear Fuel

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Harper International, world leader in thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, was recently awarded a contract for a Pusher furnace line with Kepco Nuclear Fuel (KNF).

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Harper has been awarded a major contract for nuclear material processing equipment with Kepco Nuclear Fuel (KNF).
Harper has been awarded a major contract for nuclear material processing equipment with Kepco Nuclear Fuel (KNF).
(Picture: Harper)

Buffalo, NY/USA – Harper’s relationship started with KNF over nineteen years ago with contracts to supply five new sintering furnace systems. Over the past two years, Harper’s Applications, Engineering & Technology Groups have carefully developed an advanced heating system for KNF’s current project of producing nuclear fuel for their pressurized heavy water reactors.

With this sixth furnace for KNF and all furnace iterations, Harper continuously aims to advance equipment performance. In addition to the advanced heating element that allows for higher temperature operation, an enhanced furnace shell cooling design has been developed, and both yield longer uniform operational life cycles. Additionally, advances have been made in exit water cooling design, insulation designs, which reduce ambient heat release, and energy usage. Harper is compliant with nuclear specific control systems for mandated upgrades for increased security and reliability.

“Harper’s global leadership in nuclear fuel production system technology continues to be validated by clients, who place their trust in our staff to conceive and implement the world’s most advanced, efficient and reliable sintering thermal processing systems,” commented Tom O’Connor, Sales Manager at Harper International. “Further, Harper is pleased to partner with KNF on this project which will play a role in providing reliable energy without greenhouse gas emissions.”

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