Pumps Handling Dangerous Suspensions Safely

Editor: Meike Herkersdorf

Whether for applications with different lengths of pipes, in explosion hazards or for the handling of valuable or hazardous substances: The IL-BTO pump by CP offers advantages for the handling various liquids, including suspensions that are hazardous, highly flammable and solid.

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(Source: CP Pumpen)

Designed to pump highly solid-laden media, CP’s IL-BTO are well-suited for fluid’s handling within the high demanding production process. By using a frequency converter, the customer then has the required flexibility to gear the pump towards various conveying tasks and media characteristics. Hence, he is able to run up to ideal operating points. According to the customer’s requirements, a high-quality nickel alloy 2.4602/24610 has been chosen to use the pumps for multiple fluids.

Those alloys are especially resistant to oxidizing, reducing and compounding acids as well as other media. The pumps prove themselves in the production of active ingredients for pharmaceuticals, as all product-contacting seals fulfil the FDA requirements. A use in hazardous areas is possible.

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