Iran: Reinforced Ties with Iran Haldor Topsoe Opens Office in Tehran

Editor: Alexander Stark

Topsoe, a global technology, catalyst and services vendor to the petrochemical and refining industry, opened its offices in Tehran.

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Haldor Topsoe opened an office in Irans capital of Teheran.
Haldor Topsoe opened an office in Irans capital of Teheran.
(Source: Haldor Topsoe)

Teheran/Iran — With the new office, the company intends to reinforce its ties with Iranian petrochemical and refining companies. “We are excited to open the new office and resume the great working relationship with Iran and the companies here. It means that we are close to our Iranian customers and partners so we can be the responsive and agile business partner they need,” says Mr. Per K. Bakkerud, Executive Vice President of Topsoe’s Chemical Business Unit and the EMEA region.

Managing Director Jens Ole Madsen heads Topsoe’s Tehran office and has spent several months in the country already. He says: “Iran’s unique combination of abundant natural resources and highly skilled people holds enormous potential. In our recent deals within methanol and ammonia, it has been confirmed that Topsoe’s leading products and services can be very relevant in realizing this potential, in some cases combined with the financing services we offer through our joint venture Ferrostaal Topsoe Projects.”

The event attracted a large number of top executives from the Iranian refining and petrochemical business, who listened to speeches by Mr. Hossein Alimorad, Investment Director of the National Petrochemical Company and other prominent speakers.