China: Hydrogen Production Guangxi Petrochemical Revamps Hydrogen Unit

Editor: Alexander Stark

CNPC Guangxi Petrochemical Company has converted its existing pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit to Honeywell UOP Polybed PSA technology, enabling it to produce high-purity hydrogen.

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Des Plaines/USA — The newly upgraded unit, located in Qinzhou in China’s Guangxi Province, now supplies hydrogen at 99.9 % purity and with increased hydrogen recovery for Guangxi Petrochemical’s hydrotreating units, which use the hydrogen to extract impurities from the feedstock.

“The quality of hydrogen is essential to the operation of any refinery or petrochemical plant because it helps to determine the efficiency of the entire complex,” said Rachelle Goebel, vice president and general manager, Gas Processing and Hydrogen at Honeywell UOP.

The Polybed PSA technology addresses several issues faced by many manufacturers in China, such as low recovery rates and purity, control valve leakage and poor or inconsistent performance, the company claims. CNPC Guangxi Petrochemical selected the technology due to its experience with another Polybed unit that went into service in 2014.