Polyamide 6 Grupa Azoty To Celebrate Groundbreaking for New Production Plant

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Within the next two years, Grupa Azoty, Poland’s largest producer of engineering plastics, plans to launch a new facility for producing polyamide 6 to further increase the production capacity of this most popular material in this group of products.

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Groundbreaking ceremony for the new project
Groundbreaking ceremony for the new project
(Picture: Grupa Azoty)

Tarnów/Poland – The groundbreaking ceremony for the new project was held in Tarnów in the presence of Under-Secretary of State Cezary Gabryjączyk. With this €75 million project, the Group will increase its polyamide 6 production capacity to an impressive 170,000 tonnes per year.

“The new polyamide plant, the groundbreaking plaque for which we set in place today, is further proof of how Grupa Azoty values innovation. Today, no one doubts that plastics, and polyamides in particular, can be definitely called materials of the future. The decision to build the polyamide 6 production plant in Tarnów is undoubtedly the right response to the needs of innovative economy. As a representative of the State Treasury, the main shareholder of the company, I am very pleased to see that happen,” said Cezary Gabryjączyk, Deputy Minister of the State Treasury, during the ceremony.

After fertilizers, plastics are the second most important segment of Grupa Azoty’s business. The company offers not only polyamide 6, but also natural and modified polyacetal and other polyamide 6.6-based modified plastics. The segment’s products also include intermediates for the manufacture of plastics, such as caprolactam, cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol.

“I think plastics can be seen as the most innovative area of industry and science. We constantly scan the market for new developments, making sure we can respond appropriately. We are competitive and innovative. We want to keep growing to be able to meet our customers’ needs,” emphasised Paweł Jarczewski, President of Grupa Azoty Management Board.

Setting the groundbreaking plaque for the new polyamide 6 production plant marks another step in the implementation of Grupa Azoty’s growth strategy, providing for a total of 68 investment projects. Within the next five years, in Tarnów alone, Grupa Azoty intends to carry out investment projects with a total value of over €240 million. For the entire Group, Grupa Azoty’s planned capital expenditure until 2020 exceeds €1.6 billion.

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