Fluid Solutions Growth Opportunities for Pumps in Process and Pharmaceutical Industries

Author / Editor: Gerd Kielburger* / Gerd Kielburger

—Hundreds of pump suppliers are showing up at Achema again this year. Besides the handful of big players in the industry, a large number of SMEs will be at the show, including some highly-specialized market leaders. The list of hidden champions includes companies like Lewa which exports roughly 90 % of its production output and has in-depth expertise in providing solutions.

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World premier for the Lewa Triplex G3M at Achema.
World premier for the Lewa Triplex G3M at Achema.
(Picture: Lewa; C Osterland - Fotolia.com_ [M]-Anetzberger)

Lewa supplies metering and process pumps, metering equipment and complete fluid metering systems. That itself may not sound that spectacular, but the applications spectrum is certainly impressive: The pumps must be designed to withstand offshore conditions on oil platforms and run reliably at 250° C.

Lewa engineers have no reservations about taking on aggressive chemicals or applications where microbial contamination of sterile fluids must be prevented. Naturally, the pumps are expected to deliver dependable service around the clock for many years. When a chemical company is planning to install a new production facility to handle environmentally hazardous, toxic or explosive fluids, possibly at high pressure and temperature, almost surely the phone will ring at Lewa.


The same applies to new oil platforms: Usually the engineering teams contact Lewa. “We are especially proud that our international presence has generated business for us in many regions around the world,” said CMO Stefan Glasmeyer (please read interview on page 48).

Growth Opportunities in Process Industries

The provider for tailored fluid solutions generated strong sales and earnings in 2014 and despite a market slowdown and declining oil prices, business performance is expected to remain solid in 2015. The export quota of nearly 90 % clearly reflects the company’s international focus.

However, Glasmeyer believes that there are even more opportunities for growth in international markets. Therefore the company plans to make installation and service engineers available at certified Service Centers around the world.