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Green Chemistry and Contract Synthesis – a Contradiction?

Whitepaper Cover: Mack Brooks

According to market research, the market volume for "green" chemistry is due to almost double by 2025. Our white paper sets out how contract manufacturers are reacting to the trend for sustainability.

The topic of green chemistry is now also a challenge for contract synthesis suppliers. This is because more and more manufacturers of shampoos, detergents, paints, packaging and other consumer products are becoming increasingly concerned about the ecological footprint of their products.
The trend is being fueled by consumers, who are increasingly prepared to spend more money on products that are better for the environment. But the political environment is also exerting major pressure on companies.
A rewarding – but also challenging – field is opening up here for contract manufacturers. In order to stand out from the large number of suppliers in the international market, in the future the ability to offer green synthesis could be an important USP.  

The white paper explains:
  • How the global market for green synthesis is developing
  • Where bio-based chemicals are used primarily
  • Which regions are largely responsible for the growth
  • Which sustainability programs are being set up by chemical and pharmaceutical companies.


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Whitepaper Cover: Mack Brooks


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