Mergers & Acquisitions Granules India acquires Auctus Pharma

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Granules India, a fast growing pharmaceutical manufacturer, has signed a definite agreement for the acquisition of Auctus Pharma, a leading API manufacturer. The acquisition process is expected to be completed in the next three to six months.

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Hyderabad/India – Auctus has two manufacturing facilities, an API facility in the Pharmacity in Vishakhapatnam and an intermediate facility in Hyderabad. The company’s product portfolio includes twelve APIs as well as key intermediates of those APIs. The portfolio includes APIs in several therapeutic categories such as Antihistaminic, Antihypertensive, Antithrombotic and Anticonvulsant as well as other therapeutic categories. Auctus currently sells its APIs and intermediates to customers in fifty countries. The team and assets from the acquisition will initially operate as a separate division with Granules.

Along with the acquisition, the company has also announced opening of a 10,000 sq ft R&D facility in Hyderabad. The new R&D will focus on full scale generic API development and will supplement the Company’s existing R&D facility in Pune, which currently focuses on sustainable technology development.

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