Trend Outlook Granular Media Filters to be in Demand in 2015

Editor: Dominik Stephan

According to The McIlvaine Company’s latest report, ‘Liquid Filtration and Media World Markets,’ sales of macrofiltration equipment and consumables will reach nearly US $ 6.6 billion in 2015.

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Granular Media Filters boom: Filter Sales by Type in Mio US $ (estimate for 2015)
Granular Media Filters boom: Filter Sales by Type in Mio US $ (estimate for 2015)
(Source: The McIlvaine Company)

The granular media segment will generate revenues of US $ 1.7 billion or 26 per cent of the total segment. The largest use of granular media filters is in drinking water plants. However, they are used for pre-filtration of intake water at many industrial plants. They are also used to purify wastewater. The second most popular filter type will be filter presses.

This design is used to dewater products and waste. Filter presses are capable of converting 5 per cent slurry to moisture levels below 10 per cent. The presses are widely used in the chemical industry where the substance dewatered is the chemical product.

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