Intelligent Solutions for Water Mangement

Good Water Management is Efficient Energy Management

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DR RAO: At Ecolab, we are focused on four main themes, namely, clean water, safe food, abundant energy and healthy environments. Our R&D programmes are designed around these themes. There are a number of 3D TRASAR technology-related innovations around the clean water theme. In addition to this technology for cooling systems, we introduced the 3D TRASAR technology for boiler systems in 2009, membranes in 2011 and wastewater systems in 2012. There are more innovations coming in this area soon.

One interesting technology that has a great fit in India is the 3D TRASAR technology for sugar. As more and more customers erect cogeneration plants in their sugar plants, use of this technology allows safe recycle of sugar evaporator condensate back to the boiler resulting in water and energy savings. Another technology relevant to India, with its booming automobile industry, is our Apex technology which is used to detackify paints efficiently, used in spray booths using environmentally benign chemistries. Through our recent acquisition of Champion, and our Nalco Champion division, we are the world’s leading provider of innovative solutions to help our customers extract oil and gas, and process and refine the crude.


Systematic Approach for Water management and Energy Efficiency

PROCESS: Going forward, what would be your advice to organizations in India with respect to conservation and recycle initiatives?

DR RAO: I would always advise clients to take a systematic approach to water and energy conservation. Start with a thorough audit, use water and energy modelling to brainstorm possible reuse and recycle scenarios, and look at the total cost of operations and payback, before making a decision on options to choose from. Start with easy solutions and best practices implementation and proceed to higher cost solutions based on payback.

* The interview was conducted by Indira Rao, Deputy Editor of PROCESS India