Laminar Flow Systems Going With the Flow

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Spetec launches the SuSi Series of Laminar Flow Module products: Standing for Super Silent, the units feature optimised air flow characteristics and quieter fans, the company states. With the primary filter in a filter cartridge, the unit allows for an easy handling.

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Spetec's SuSi Laminar Flow System
Spetec's SuSi Laminar Flow System
(Picture: Spetec)

The requirements for a clean environment are continuously increasing. Clean room technology is playing an increasingly important role in virtually all high tech industries.

The Spetec Laminar Flow Module FMS provides a simple and cost-effective means to equip a workstation with clean room conditions. The module is suspended from the ceiling and operated directly above the workstation or a machine. The surrounding air is draw in via a radial fan and passed through the filter. This creates a laminar flow, i.e. the filtered air flows downward in parallel flow lines. Particles are captured by the parallel stream of air and expelled to the outside.

The SuSi product line Spetec Laminar Flow Module is distinguished by its extremely quiet operation. The primary filter is located in a filter cartridge, which in turn is bolted onto the module. Therefore the primary filter can be replaced in a few easy steps. An H14 filter is used, providing clean room category 5 in the flow of air directly below the Laminar Flow Module. It is available in six different formats – in filter sizes from 0.37 to 1.12 square meters.