Top Ten Oil Companies Global Top Ten Oil Companies: National Companies Take the Lead

Editor: Dominik Stephan

For the first time in 13 years, National Oil Companies outnumber international firms (IOCs) in the Energy Intelligence's Top 10 of oil and gas companies. While the global number one defends its pole position, for the first time a Chinese firm slips into top three...

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Back in business: BP is still one of the leading oil producers and holds the number 7 spot in the top 10.
Back in business: BP is still one of the leading oil producers and holds the number 7 spot in the top 10.
(Picture: BP)

Energy Intelligence's annual ranking of the world's largest oil and gas companies provides some interesting insights in a changing industrial environment: Mega –deals and merger in Asia as well as the rapid development of China's petro branch has lead to a declining role of supermajors.

Exxon Mobil lost its number three position to China's CNPC after seven years. Rosneft has surged into the Top 10 through it's acquisition of TNK-BP, tying with Gazprom, cementing Russian NOC prominence, moving Chevron down and pushing Total out of the Top 10.

The Return of NOCS – Supermajors Lose Market Shares

The pole position is in firm hands: Saudi Aramco tightened it's hold on the number one spot for the 26th consequetive year, despite challenges from American shale gas and tight oil production.

With these figures, 2014 marks the return of National Oil Companies (NOCs) after over a decade of hiatus: NOCs outnumber international oil firms and supermajors in the Top 10 for the first time in 13 years. Especially companies in both North and South America saw strong gains in the rankings.

Size Matters: 40 % of Global Oil Production from Only 100 Companies

"Size matters. The top 10 companies in the Energy Intelligence Top 100 universe represent a significant share of the world's petroleum operations, including close to 40 % of the world oil production and roughly half of it's oil reserves", says David Kirsch, Managing Director of Energy Intelligence's Research & Advisory arm. "Our experienced analysts focus on operational metrics that capture how oil and gas companies actually perform. By placing all national oil companies and their international oil company rivals on an even basis, our goal is to provide a Top 100 ranking that sets credible industry benchmarks".

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