Consulting and Concepts for Production Processes and Complete Production Sites - Front-End-Engineering for GMP regulated industries, food/ feed, fine chemical/chemical industries


Our track record includes both extension or modification of existing and also construction of new production facilities – in parts or completely.

Consulting and support in project development or location analyses, feasibility studies and financing concepts, GMP compliance for buildings and processes  

  • Project definition
  • Production site analysis 
  • Economical factory and plant concepts
  • Financial concepts in cooperation with notable banks
  • GPM-compliance
  • Authority approval management
  • Providing of product licenses and knowhow transfer for the best available technologies from international recognized companies


The appropriated technology will be selected depending on your requirements respectively project specifications:

  • Clients technology  - When having your own technology of the production process, we will implement it accordingly
  • Third party technologies - Due to extensive contacts to licensers, we can provide a variety of technologies and use them as a basis for the project
  • Glatts technologies  - For the production of solid dosage forms using continuous and batch processes