Basic and Detail Engineering for Production Processes and Complete Production Sites - Front-End-Engineering for GMP regulated industries, food/feed, fine chemical/chemical industries


Our track record includes both extension or modification of existing and also construction of  new production facilities – in parts or completely.

  • Determination of required equipment by process simulation
  • Design and specification of all details concerning process equipment and systems, rooms and buildings, building services, information technology etc.
  • Support of the authority engineering
  • Complete engineering services as general planner or general contractor, project management, coordination of all project partners and subcontractors
The appropriated technology will be selected depending on your requirements respectively project specifications:
  • Clients technology  - When having your own technology of the production process, we will implement it accordingly
  • Third party technologies - Due to extensive contacts to licensers, we can provide a variety of technologies and use them as a basis for the project
  • Glatts technologies  - For the production of solid dosage forms using continuous and batch processes