Glatt GF Series for Continuous Production of Granules and Pellets by Fluid Bed Technology - Continuous multi-purpose fluid bed capability - One system for all processes.


Whether spray granulating, agglomerating, coating, pelletizing, drying, cooling and combinations of them. Processes can be combined in one system. Very gentle handling of temperature-sensitive materials. High throughputs from 20 kg/h to 10 t/h.   The GF can accomplish all these processes. Since the inlet air plenum is divided into multiple chambers it is possible to introduce air with different velocities and different temperatures into the processing chamber.

Powder or a powder mixture is fed continuously into the processing chamber. In the first part of the chamber liquid is sprayed into the bed and the powder is granulated. The wet granules are dried and cooled in the following parts of the processing chamber. The different processes are determined by different process air qualities in different inlet air chambers. If necessary the processing chamber can be separated into zones by weirs.
The standard unit consists of structural components like processing chamber, internal filter, feeding device, discharge device and spraying system. These components can be changed independently to meet the demands of the process. If necessary the internal filter is replaced by a lid and installed externally. The design of the spraying system allows a change of the installation of the nozzles even after the commissioning of the. GF units enable very gentle handling of temperature-sensitive materials.
Continuous multi-purpose capability
Due to the modular design, the air feed chamber, process chamber, filter system and spray system can be combined in order to match the system to the customers specific process requirements. Discharge with zig-zag screen as GFP – Glatt Fluidized Bed Pelletizer - for manufacturing pellets from liquid starting materials.
Combination of processes
The feed air chamber, which is divided into zones, allows different process conditions to prevail in the process chamber. By this means and by correct placement of the nozzles in the fluid bed, it is possible to set completely different conditions in different sections of one unit, like agglomeration in the first part, drying in the second and cooling in the last part of the processing chamber. Typical combinations are granulation with drying and/or cooling in a GFG – Glatt Fluidized Bed Granulator, but granulation and coating are also possible in a GFC – Glatt Fluidized Bed Coater.