Meet the Glatt Experts @ IFT FOOD EXPO 2019


03.06.2019 - 05.06.2019

Event location: New Orleans, USA

Meet the Glatt Experts @ IFT FOOD EXPO 2019

Glatt will present a compact fluid bed system for high agglomeration requirements. Compact, fast, economical: Glatt's new plant system starts continuous production of added-value ingredients after an installation time of just 12 days.

At IFT 2019 in New Orleans, plant engineering and process development specialist Glatt Air Techniques Inc. (GAT) will be presenting a new plant concept for continuous powder agglomeration: "GF ModFlex" is extremely economical, fits into any hall thanks to its modular design and can be flexibly adapted to meet individual customer requirements.

Transferring fine powders and powder mixtures into uniformly porous, practically dust-free, highly soluble and perfectly meterable granulates – this is what the new "GF ModFlex" plant concept achieves in an endless loop, with consistent safety and quality guaranteed. Multi-step and multi-zone processes offer almost unlimited freedom in product design. The space-saving innovation is based on the established GAT fluid bed technology and, thanks to gentle process control, preserves the nutritional and functional properties of the products. With its compact modular system, GAT caters for manufacturers who want to upgrade or renew their machinery at short notice, in certain space conditions, and with target production volumes of between 100 kg/h and 3000 kg/h. The Atex-compliant concept, equipped with WIP cleaning, also boasts an extremely short installation time of just 12 days. A demand-oriented operating, room and zone concept is also supplied, alongside the self-developed "GlattView Varia" control system.

Applications for which fluidized bed agglomeration is perfectly suited include, for example, cutting edge powdery ingredients such as vitamin formulations, minerals and trace elements: their bulk density must be adjusted so they can be filled to an accuracy of one-hundredth of a gram in cans, capsules or sachets, or pressed into effervescent tablets. This also applies to dried probiotics or sports drinks. In the case of protein shakes, high porosity and wettability is vital for protein powders to dissolve without residue in water, milk or plant-based drinks. Polyols such as xylitol, maltitol or lactitol, raw materials with added value and components for premixes can also be optimally adjusted by agglomeration. In the fluidized bed, powders for capsule and coffee pad systems are also precisely metered, flowable and uniformly adjusted, and their particle structure specially adapted to the equipment and the packaging design.

For the optimization of instant properties, fluid bed technology is a proven, highly adaptable and established technology. GAT offers process engineering R&D labs for concepts, product and process development leading to scale-up and ultimate production capacity design. The Processing methods include agglomeration, spray granulation, particle coating, powder layering and microencapsulation. Glatt Air Techniques Inc. is Glatt´s sales and service center for North America and represents the link to the German competence center. In the United States, GAT provides support for special local tasks during project realization.