SupplySide West 2017 - Glatt at Booth TT115


25.09.2017 - 29.09.2017

Event location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA

SupplySide West 2017 - Glatt at Booth TT115

Fluid Bed Processing Solutions from the Industry Leader SupplySide West 2017, Booth TT115: Process engineering expert Glatt will showcase innovative technologies for enhanced powdered product functionality and properties

Glatt will highlight innovative technologies to dry, agglomerate, granulate and coat powdered ingredients for sports nutrition, functional foods, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and dry beverage mixes.

Today’s process industries  need to meet specific particle sizes or shape requirements  in order to achieve  optimum solubility, compressibility, improved stability or a defined release profile.  In addition, liquid flavor emulsions can be spray granulated, powders can be agglomerated and sensitive fluids or essential oils can be encapsulated using Glatt’s unique fluidized and spouted bed techniques.

Glatt’s fluid bed technologies allow  food, fine chemical and feed manufacturers to enhance final product properties. As such, beverage powders comprising semi-hydrophobic components or agglomerated instant powders can be produced that do not separate and offer both excellent solubility and homogenous particle distribution properties. Nutritional supplements such as fish oils, probiotics or vitamins can also be covered with functional film coatings that provide better active ingredient release profiles or taste masking. Using spray granulation, liquid food additives can be dried and the final particle size can be readily manipulated. Product development consultation and equipment is available for early stage trials and testing.
Glatt Air Techniques Inc. serves the U.S, Canadian and Puerto Rican markets with nearly 200 employees and a 186,000 ft2 facility in Ramsey NJ.  At, Glatt offers a white paper including practical examples from spray granulation to coating, critical process parameters, and thought-provoking approaches to successful product and process development, as well as process and plant engineering.