Additive Coating Plant Glatt hands over a large-scale additive coating plant in Scandinavia

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

In Scandinavia, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik completed a fluid bed plant for continuous additive coating with a capacity of several tons of additives per hour.

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Insertion of the Glatt fluid bed coater (Picture: Glatt Ingeniertechnik)
Insertion of the Glatt fluid bed coater (Picture: Glatt Ingeniertechnik)

Weimar/Germany – The customer is a worldwide operating producer for a wide range of different products. These additives are used in various industries like feed, food and fine chemicals. Glatt's technology center in Weimar provides facilities for testing different particle coating processes and technologies. In close co-operation between the customer and Glatt, numerous tests have been carried out on a laboratory system with a capacity of 1 to 2 kg to assess the feasibility of, and then to optimize, the coating process based on fluid bed technology. The next step was the determination of the optimal process parameters for different product formulations in a continuously running pilot system. Finally, the results tipped the scales for the customer to order a tailored fluid bed system in Weimar. The scope of the project ranged from the concept to the detailed design, including the delivery and installation of all the necessary equipment by Glatt up to the construction of a new building. After only 10 months of construction, the commissioning phase started in June 2011. So far, this GFC 2200 continuous fluid bed coater has been the largest plant that the fluid bed specialists from Glatt Ingenieurtechnik have realized.