Feb 22, 2021

Effectiveness at the highest level!

Recycling, resource savings and optimized circular economy - these are the goals of an effective, bio-based industry. Biorefineries guarantee a perfect circular economy. They are also the ideal solution for overcoming the challenges of climate change.

The aim should be to ensure that existing resources are fully utilized and will not be used in incineration plants as today to reduce CO2 emissions.

The start-up PeelPioneers is building Europe's largest biorefinery for processing orange peel in the Netherlands. Here, the raw materials, which PeelPioneers take from the orange peel, become valuable and coveted products. Orange oil and other coveted raw materials that food manufacturers use in products such as beer, lemonade, muffins and chocolate can be taken from the peel by the PeelPioneers. These recyclables are used both in the food industry and in the non-food industry (e.g. for detergents or cosmetics).

PeelPioneers is actively supported by a strong investment consortium. Among other things, it is the first project for the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund to be supported by the EU and brought to market maturity.

GIG Karasek is pleased to be part of such an extraordinary project and is supplying a horizontal thin-film dryer for drying functional fibers. For the recovery and purification of the solvent, GIG Karasek supplies an additional solvent recovery unit which is realized by means of distillation. In this way, all valuable substances can be optimally recovered and the solvent cycle closed.

About PeelPioneers

PeelPioneers processes orange peel into functional ingredients for the food industry that would otherwise be incinterated. The company was founded in 2016 by Lindy Hensen, Bas van Wieringen and Sytze van Stempvoort and opened the world's first orange peel factory in Son, the Netherlands, in 2018.


About GIG Karasek

GIG Karasek is a specialist in thermal separation technology such as drying, distillation and evaporation technology with applications for industries such as food, chemistry, fiber, oleochemistry and many more. For years, the specialists at GIG Karasek have been working with international customers on various projects with support of the in-house test facility and process engineering offices to optimize the added value in the processing of different raw materials and thus to enable an effective and environmentally friendly circular economy.