Foundation Fieldbus Getting in Touch With Fieldbus Foundation – Conference in Huerth

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Get to know Fieldbus Foundation technology and participate in vivid exchange with developers and users users at the Fieldbus Foundatiion Conference 2012 (February 1st 2012) at Huerth/Germany.

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(Picture: Fieldbus Foundattion)
(Picture: Fieldbus Foundattion)

Mannheim/Germany – Hosted by the German Marketing committee of Fieldbus Foundation, this free conference offers an overview over the development in fieldbus technologies during plenary lectures and its application on process plants. Developers and decision makers of automation solutions and process components give an overview of the current status of bus technologies, while several panels offer the opportunity to exchange with other professionals.

Topics like Control in the Field, Fieldbus for security applications and remote operations management will be addressed. Well–known professional journalists and editors will be chairing the discussions, among them Gerd Kielburger, editor–in–chief of PROCESS magazine. The conference will be held on February 1st 2012 at Feierabendhaus Knapsack, Hürth/Germany. Register now on!