Pharmaceutical Packaging German–American Partnership for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Klöckner Pentaplast of Germany and US company Freethink join forces to develop new solutions for pharmaceutical packaging. Together, the tow firms want to combines their distinctive portfolios of both software and technologies.

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(Picture: Ernhofer/PROCESS)

Montabaur/Germany – Klöckner Pentaplast and Freethink Technologies recently announced a marketing alliance to create laboratory-based services for drug product packaging optimization. The collaboration of complementary services between Klöckner’s Pentapharm blistering technology and Freethink’s ASAP prime stability assessment software results in accelerated product launch readiness as well as increased accuracy in stability testing and significant cost savings.

“We at Freethink are very excited about our new partnership with Klöckner”, comments Dr. Kenneth Waterman, CEO, Freethink Technologies. “Our accelerated stability science has allowed us to provide drug and consumer product customers a fast and accurate way to determine their product shelf-life. With Klöckner Pentaplast’s expertise and wide range of films available, we can now also provide customers with the right blister materials for stability, and determine the specific blister structure and tooling design needed to optimize performance and cost. This alliance will allow both organizations to approach whole new groups of customers”.