Water Treatment German Water Partnership Day Discusses Challenges in Water Industry

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Under the headline ‘German Solutions to Indian Challenges’ over one hundred participants in the 1st Indian-German Water Partnership Day explored the needs of water management in India and discussed sustainable approaches, focusing on three aspects: challenges of monitoring the drinking water quality in urban and rural regions, efficient treatment of industrial and municipal waste water, and sustainable solutions for municipal waste water and storm water management.

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Bangalore/India - Three panels discussed possible approaches towards a sustainable development. „Many GWP members, especially those active within the Regional Section India are already involved in various local projects of water management. The 1st Indian-GWP Day which we were able to realise with support by the German-Indian Chamber of Commerce and the German Consulate General in Bangalore showed that India is in need of extensive investment in the development of sustainable water management. We, as the German water sector have the expertise needed and are looking forward to further dialogues and cooperation with our Indian partners.", stated Michael Kuhn, Deputy Head of the Regional Section India.

Beside the panel discussions, the participants took the opportunity for both individual conversations and to learn more about the products and services of GWP members at the small exhibition.

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