Mixing for Food and Pharma Gentle Mixing and Agglomeration

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Homogenizing vitamins, micro-nutrients, functional active ingredients, aromas, food colorings or binding agents is a demanding task: These substances are delicate and likely to oxidise.

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(Source: Amixon)

The new Amixon mixer thus features a mixing chamber filled with nitrogen, so that the mixing process takes place without oxygen, preventing oxidation of the valueable ingredients. Even the smallest components such as vitamins, micronutrients, enzymes etc. are homogeneously distributed, the manufacturer states. The mixing process is particularly gentle. Agglomeration is also possible. This enables the creation of functional powders and solid tablets with homogeneous porosity, even coloring and excellent solubility.

In the Amixon mixer, the mixing effect is achieved by a three dimensional total flow. Technically ideal mixing results are achieved very fast after 40 to 160 revolutions. The helical tool initiates an upward movement of the goods along the periphery. The downward movement of the goods takes place in the center of the vessel. This type of rearrangement works quickly, reliably and without any dead space at different filling levels. On demand choppers can enhance the liquid incorporation and homogeneity.