Personalised Medicine Genentech Announces Clinical Trials of New Antibody

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Genentechs new monoclonal antibody development takes the next step: The Roche subsidiary announced the beginning of clinical trials. Monovclonal antibodies are considered to be hopebearers for the development of personalised medicine.

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(Picture: PROCESS India)
(Picture: PROCESS India)

Geneva/Switzerland – Genentech, a member of Swiss pharma–giant Roche, has entered a new stage of antibody development: The company has initiated a First-in-Human study with anti-IL-17 (NI-1401, RG7624), a fully human monoclonal antibody designed to specifically and selectively bind to the human IL-17 family of cytokines. Genentech produces the anti-IL-17 antibody under a license from NovImmune. Now, with the initiation of Phase 1 clinical studies, NovImmune expects a milestone payment from Genentech of an undisclosed amount.

Jack Barbut, CEO, commented "With the compound entering man, NovImmune is gratified to see Genentech’s continued commitment to the anti-IL-17 program. This news creates an additional milestone as this is the fifth NovImmune therapeutic antibody to enter clinical development; a significant achievement for a small biotech company."