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Gearing Up for India – Process Control Firms Adapt to Local Markets

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PROCESS: What are the new products that Vega is planning to launch in India in 2012?

SRINIVASAN: Our new Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter is almost ready for its global launch, and if everything goes well, we should be able to launch the same in India in the last quarter of 2012.

In addition to that, we are already strongly promoting our new Flexible Radiometric Detector, which is definitely a great technological innovation.

Gearing Up for India – How Process Control Companies Adapt to local Markets

PROCESS: How are you gearing up to offer the best level of after-sales services?

SRINIVASAN: Vega globally is committed to the aftersales service that they provide to their customers, and we have definitely established a global bench mark here in comparison with our competitors. In India, we also want to achieve the same, and we have started with a team of two experienced service managers located in Pune and Delhi to cover the entire country.

Further, we are also providing services to our customers through some of our distributors – who also have service engineers dedicated for Vega Products. Going forward, we will increase our service teams directly, and also indirectly through our distributors or channel partners.

The entire Vega India team is very conscious or accountable, and ensures that all the pre-sales commitments that we make to our customers with regard to product delivery, service availability etc., are met to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Competition Has Resulted in Better Process Control

PROCESS: What is your message to the Indian purchase decision makers?

SRINIVASAN: The Indian purchasers are by far very knowledgeable, and strive hard to get maximum return on investment that they make. However, it would help if they look deeply into the long-term returns, while buying a product or solution. This will definitely justify the prices of many suppliers.

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