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Gearing Up for India – Process Control Firms Adapt to Local Markets

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PROCESS: Are you offering complete customised instrumentation solution to Indian users?

SRINIVASAN: Vega India strives to be more solutioncentric than being a mere product supply company. Being a level and pressure specialist for over five decades now, customers come to us asking solutions for the most difficult applications.

With an intention to integrating our instruments with related control systems, we plan to work with some system houses to give the customers an optimum field instrumentation engineering solution. We have already succeeded in working with some key OEMs on these lines.

“Look at Long–Term Returns”

PROCESS: What is your comment on Vega‘s competitiveness in the Indian market?

SRINIVASAN: Vega India looks at competitiveness from different angles. Product competencies: Here, we believe we are right on top, and we strive to achieve the most out of the multiple technical benefits of our products.

Service competencies: Vega India is striving hard to maintain the global standards of the Vega Grieshaber KG Group, when it comes to pre and post order service to customers. This will always remain our focus, and here we are completely different from the other players in this segment.

Price competitiveness: With so many unique industry-firsts with our instruments, we are definitely price competitive. Our product and service competencies help in proving a long-term benefit to customers with our products than others.