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Gearing Up for India – Process Control Firms Adapt to Local Markets

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PROCESS: How is Vega‘s business growing in India, especially after opening its own subsidiary?

SRINIVASAN: Over the past two decades, Vega has been doing business in India through distributors or dealers. This strategy had its pros and cons. However, looking positively, this has helped Vega with a market presence for the new operations to develop on. The customers are happy to know of our direct presence in India, and the response from the market has been extremely positive.

Process Control: Potentials in Pharma, Food and Chemicals

PROCESS: Which verticals of process industry hold very large potential for Vega?

SRINIVASAN: Over the past (say) five to six years, Vega has made a strong presence in the solids market in India (steel, mining and cement). This industry segment will continue to be strong market for us.

However, we are seeing a lot of potential in the pharma, food, chemical or petrochemical and oil & gas markets – which will also be our focus industries. Vega India has already made significant initial footprints in these industry verticals in the past four months.

PROCESS: Do you notice any difference in mindsets among the Indian buyers compared to buyers in developed countries?

SRINIVASAN: The Indian buyers or users are different from the customers in the developed countries. Their knowledge is definitely worldclass, and they are abreast with the latest developments in their respective industry verticals. They strive to update their processes to fall in line with global standards. Further, India being a very price sensitive nation, and with various options available with the buyers, they ensure that they achieve definite value for investments.