Filling and Packaging GEA Supplies ABF Technology to Amul Dairy in India

Editor: Dominik Stephan

GEA aseptic blowing-filling & packaging specialists are currently installing the revolutionary ABF (Aseptic Blow-Fill) technology into the Amul Dairy in India.

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(Picture: Aurélia (CC0))

New Delhi/India – GEA has previously supplied Amul with its first ever aseptic filling line for dairy products in PET bottles in India that improved productivity at the plant and changed forever the image of flavored milk drinks, drinking yoghurt and milk shakes with young consumers in India. The new line will instead provide Amul with the ultimate in aseptic filling technology.

The Amul Dairy in Gujarat is a leading producer that has become a model for the Indian dairy industry. Its products are marketed under the popular Amul Kool and Amul Lassi brands. Moreover, the possibility of package in PET bottles pushed Amul to explore new flavors and products such as Amul Pro and Amul smoothies. PET bottles have made milk drinks contemporary and glamorous allowing them to compete on equal terms with colas and other carbonated drinks on retail shelves. Amul sales have increased since its products were introduced to the Indian market in PET bottles.

The new ABF technology from GEA builds on that principle by allowing even lighter-weight bottles to be used with more complex designs that are not distorted during the sterilization process.