Flow Measurement Gas Mass Flow With Profibus

| Editor: Doris Neukirchen

With its precision thermal dispersion mass flow sensor and intelligent digital electronics, the FlexMASSter ST98 gas flowmeter series from Fluid Components International (FCI) now meets Profibus DP/PA standards and includes its own Device Type Manager (DTM) for use in large automation systems.

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The advanced thermal mass sensing element delivers accuracy of ±1 per cent of reading plus ±0.5 per cent of full scale, and repeatability of ±0.5 per cent of reading. The ST98 is available for flowrates in the range 0.01–3,140 Nm3/h in air, with a turndown ratio of up to 100:1. It works with hydrocarbon, gas mixtures, dirty gases, biogas, compressed air and HVAC systems. The sensing element comprises two welded 316L stainless steel thermowells that protect two matched platinum RTDs. Communications are 4–20 mA, and an explosion-proof housing is optional. Fully compatible with Profile 3, the ST98 is now a drop-in network replacement for any other Profibus DP/PA flowmeter. In addition, the ST98 now features its own DTM software that makes setup and commissioning easy by providing instant access to built-in field-adjustable parameters, diagnostic information and maintenance functions. FCI offers both single-instrument and enterprise-level DTM packages to facilitate integration with Profibus. As a member of the Profibus International Organization (PNO), FCI provides full approval for the ST98.