Packaging Fully Integrated Thermoforming Packaging Solution

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Seamless digitalisation, a comprehensive sensor system and networking within a cloud computing environment shall help the new X-line thermoforming packaging units of ;Mutivac to achieve unparalled reliability, quality, performance and future-proofness, the manufacturer states.

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(Source: Multivac)

The companies new Pack Pilot enables the machine to be set up to the optimum level using machine control support. When new recipes are created, the machine parameterises itself to the optimum operating point, using the die set data and the features for pack, product and packaging material. This means that the machine can be used even without special operator knowledge. The X-line produces packs with maximum packaging reliability, consistent quality and very high output without production loss during machine start-up.

The X-line has a level of sensor control never achieved before, whereby the Multi Sensor Control captures all the relevant parts of the process. Using closed control circuits, the sensor system constantly captures a wide range of process values, such as for example for forming, evacuation and sealing. Even the forming and sealing dies are integrated into the sensor control via electronic sensor modules. All the process stages are coordinated to the optimum level, while product- and system-related discrepancies are automatically compensated as much as possible, and even faulty settings by operators are independently detected and displayed. Thanks to Multi Sensor Control, the X-line works constantly at the optimum operating point.

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