Online Particle Counter Fulfilling the Increasing Demand for Online Fluid Condition Monitoring

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

To fulfill the increasing demand for online fluid condition monitoring, Pamas developed the new online particle counter OLS50P.

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With its eight different size channels, the particle counter OLS50P counts particles in eight size classes.
With its eight different size channels, the particle counter OLS50P counts particles in eight size classes.
(Picture: Pamas)

All types of light extinction sensors of the Pamas HCB-LD series can be integrated in the newly developed device. If required, the sensor can be built of resistant material so that it can be used for the analysis of all types of liquids and critical fluids, from water down to strong acid. particle counter is equipped with a wear resistant ceramic piston pump.

The pump provides a constant flow rate of 25 ml/min at a pressure range from 0 to 6 bar. With its eight different size channels, the device counts particles in eight size classes.

The instrument measures the particle sizes > 4 µm(c), > 6 µm(c), > 10 µm(c), > 14 µm(c), > 21 µm(c), > 25 µm(c), > 38 µm(c) and > 70 µm(c). For data transfer, the user has the choice between digital and analogue interfaces. A RS485 data interface is part of the instrument’s standard equipment for digital data transfer.

The optional analogue 4-20 mA channel transmits data to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). This interface function makes the OLS50P an effective instrument for condition monitoring. To report and analyse measuring results, Pamas provides two different software tools.

The online visualisation software Pamas POV has been developed for the online visualisation of measuring results and for long-term trend monitoring. The component test software Pamas PCT helps to monitor parts and roll off cleanliness.

With the aid of the software tools, measuring results are reported according to common cleanliness standards (e.g. ISO 4406 or SAE AS 4059). Furthermore, the measuring parameter can be set up individually and adapted to the specific application profile.

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