Workshop Frost & Sullivan to Focus on Blue Sky Innovation at its GIL 2013

Editor: Dominik Stephan

‘Blue Sky Innovation’ is a methodology that complements traditional innovation practice to nurture ideas into new and breakthrough innovations. It introduces new aspects to the innovation process to incorporate varied information sources in a flexible, but structured manner.

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Mumbai/India - According to Frost & Sullivan, a combination of Blue Sky research and Market-driven innovation can lead to success in the short and medium term while building towards future breakthrough innovations; as companies need a balanced approach, between incremental and disruptive innovation.

The research company plans to introduce an interactive workshop on ‘Blue Sky Innovation’ under the aegis of its Strategy Development and Implementation program in its fifth edition of GIL 2013: India, The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL). The focus of this workshop will be to help companies understand why they should approach innovation differently in their company; how Blue Sky Innovation process differs from traditional innovation management and how they should approach Blue Sky ideation.

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