Industry in Bahrain From the Gulf to the World – Manufacturing in Bahrain

Author / Editor: Dominik Stephan / Dominik Stephan

Bahrain is rapidly transforming into a knowledge based economy – yet the way from petro–money to industry is long. One of the rare manufacturing Bahrain companies is BFG International, a global supplier of composites and composite products. The company supplied TGV’s and ICE’s toilets as well as the interior of Liverpool's Merseyside tunnel. We talked with Managing Director Dr. Samer Al-Jishi about the situation of Bahrain's industry and his company's plans...

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PROCESS: Dr Samer Al-Jishi, what is the position of the manufacturing sector in Bahrain’s economy? Where would you like to see it in the future?

Dr Al-Jishi: Manufacturing forms one of Bahrain’s largest contributors to the GDP. This sector receives a lot of support from the Bahrain Government and the Economic Development Board, that sees it as a major part of the strategy to provide high level of employment to the growing Bahraini population as well as economic diversification.

I am a strong believer in the manufacturing sector. Operating today in 8 different global locations in Asia, Europe and the Americas, BFG still sees Bahrain as being one of the most manufacturing friendly environments and one of the most cost competitive when you take key factors - road and energy infrastructure, incentives, financing, cost of labour, availability of labor, logistics infrastructure, communications infrastructure, government formalities, legal framework, cost of living, taxation and energy costs – all into account.

"Bahrain Benefits from Young Population"

PROCESS: Does your company have difficulties finding skilled workers and engineers in Bahrain?

Dr Al-Jishi: Bahrain benefits from having a young population that is very much willing to work and is very productive and resourceful. Bahraini engineers have a long track record of excellence and are considered to be the best in the entire region.

In addition Bahrain offers an excellent environment for expatriate workers and engineers, many of whom are happy to come and work in Bahrain, benefiting from the multicultural friendly and open environment and society in Bahrain, the presence of multi-cultural schools with good education, the reasonable cost of living and of course the tax free environment. We have been able to attract some of the world’s best talents globally to work in BFG's Bahraini headquarters which today houses over 16 different nationalities.

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