Pharmaceutical Equipment From Product Transfer to Micronizing

Editor: Doris Neukirchen

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Dietrich Engineering Consultants (Dec) supplies handling and processing equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries. New at Powtech this year is the High Containment Bag Emptying Station, which ensures total containment when charging powder bags to reactors via Dec’s Powder Transfer System (PTS). The PTS works with vessels under vacuum or positive pressure, is compact and easy to clean, and reliably handles products with difficult flow characteristics. By excluding air, it also improves safety when handling flammable products. The PTS is now further supported by a new subsidiary, Dec Germany. Dec also manufactures the Jetpharma range of micronizers (effective to <10 µm) and isolators, from simple glove bags to all-encompassing multi-floor systems. The variable nature of products to be micronized makes consultancy a key part of this service, Dec says.