Filling and Packaging From Product to Package

Editor: Dominik Stephan

From Haver & Boeker comes a new filling system for filling into tubular film bags with its complete new design and technical innovations: The company's new Integra FFS for filling cement, building products, minerals, chemicals and food covers three dimension: product, packaging and weight control.

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The new Haver & Boecker Integra FFS with its new design.
The new Haver & Boecker Integra FFS with its new design.
(Picture: Haver & Boecker)

In addition to powders, and granulates, the system is able to fill liquids and special products (such as flakes or products with pieces) into valve-type or plastic tubular film bags. The weight spectrum ranges from 1 to 50 kg, while up to two tons are possible with Big Bags. The high-speed system (with up to 2200 bags/hour and an anticipated version with 3200 bags/hour by the end of 2015) was developed for filling mass bulk products and is characterized by its high flexibility, process reliability, minimum cleaning requirements and its ease of maintenance, says the manufacturer. ACHEMA: Hall 3.0/Stand F38