Innovative Capsule Filling

From Molecule to Market: New Flexible Solutions for Solid Dosage Capsules

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“Bosch’s innovative cleaning technology combined with a strong project management approach made them our preferred supplier,” says Dean-Netscher. The capsule filling machine completely isolates researchers and manufacturers from active substances during operation, maintenance and cleaning.

“As a leading contained operations contract developer and manufacturer, we require the highest flexibility to meet customer demands for formulation development, clinical and commercial scale manufacturing and regulatory compliance in a multiple product environment. The technology that Bosch uses in its capsule filling machine allows a variety of sizes and product types to be produced,” Yarwood underlines. “Most importantly, the company‘s innovative cleaning technology provides excellent confidence in cleaning the equipment from product to product and preventing crosscontamination,” he added.


Thorough Cleaning Processes

The containment capsule filling machine is suited for a wide range of filling operations, such as powder, tablets, pellets, and combination filling. Its modular design concept makes it adaptable to exact customer applications by adding additional stations.

The containment solution with an automatic cleaning system ensuring highest safety standards
The containment solution with an automatic cleaning system ensuring highest safety standards
(Picture: Bosch Packaging Technology)

The capsule filling machine offers different stages of check weighing to determine the weight of both empty and filled capsules. Penn Pharma’s customized GKF HiProTect is equipped with a statistical in-process weight control (IPK).

Automatic Feedback for Enhanced Process Control

The weighing station provides automatic feedback to the powder dosing station. This process enables self-regulating adjustments of filling levels. The optional 100 per cent capsule control unit ensures real-time quality check that results in a constantly controlled process and provides high product quality.

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