The CC-310 lump crusher is suitable for crushing large, hard, and amorphous lumps of product.

The lump crusher is equipped with a grill and crushing pins for crushing lumps, plates, flakes, or nodules of product.
The lump crusher is especially well-suited for pre-crushing product lumps, which are then ground into granules or a freely flowing powder on a Frewitt milling unit.

Process data

  • Particle Size range30 cm - 2 cm
  • Throughput min - maxup to 3000 kg/h
• Very broad scope of application ranging from all types of dry to wet and heat sensitive powders
• Flexible production thanks to the modular design, compatible with Frewitt milling systems
• Versatile use thanks to a large selection of dispersion elements
• Low energy input and minimal temperature increase thanks to gentle milling
• High level of production safety thanks to certified ATEX construction for Zone 0/20 and a MIE range of up > 1 mJ
• Easy and quick cleaning