MODULES: ProFi-Clean


The ProFi-Clean 90 is a compact de-dusting and filtering device with an automatic blow-back system. It allows the filtering and separation of powder particles in the extracted air.

The de-dusting filter is cleaned automatically by pressure impulses. This guarantees that the whole cartridge surface area remains clog-free and the powder is blown-back into the product. The pneumatic control system is built on the filter housing wherefore the filter device works completely independently. Offering a unique and compact construction, the stand-alone de-dusting filter is easily integrated in existing and new process plants.

Process data

Filter cartridge in Polyester: filter class up to H13
Filter cartridge in metal: filter level down to 2 micron
Suction volume: up to 200 Nl/min. with Venturi nozzle
Pressure impulses: from 1 to 180 seconds

• Very broad spectrum of applications ranging from all kinds of dry to wet and sensitive powders
• Versatile due to the compact and autonomous construction
• Interchangeable filter cartridges can be changed easily and quickly
• Filtration up to a H13 level, FDA certified
• High level of production safety due to Certified ATEX construction for zones 0/20 and MIE down to > 1 mJ
• Easy and rapid cleaning - WIP option available

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