Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter Free Fibers Release Dirt Better

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

Dogs are real masters when it comes to free their fur from dirty water. They give it a shake – done. The new Mega Pure ultrafiltration cartridge of Koch Membrane Systems is alike.

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Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter
Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter
(Picture: Koch Membrane Systems)

Its hollow fiber membranes are fixed at one side only, allowing the fibers to move freely within the cartridge. A short air scour shakes them, dirt and solids are released.

The design avoids filter sludging and maintains high filtration rates. It is suited for high solids water applications, e.g. tertiary treatment, or industrial process water. The cartridge closes the gap between applications with low and very high solids contents.

Ifat: Hall A2, Stand 422

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