ONGC Signs an MoU with IISc Fracking Goes India: Technology Alliance Targets Water Demand

Editor: Dominik Stephan

ONGC has entered into an MoU with Super Wave Technology (SWTPL) for doing research on alternative technology for hydraulic fracturing. SWTPL is a company incorporated by Society for Innovation and Development, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

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Fracking in India: A new technology alliance wants to tackle the water issue of shale production
Fracking in India: A new technology alliance wants to tackle the water issue of shale production
(Picture: WEG Wirtschaftsverband Erdöl- und Erdgasgewinnung e.V.)

Bengaluru/India - The event was held at IISc, Bangalore in the gracious presence of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Minister of State MoPNG Dharmendra Pradhan; Secretary MoPNG, Saurabh Chandra; Chairman Managing Director, ONGC, Dinesh K Sarraf; Director, IISc, Prof Anurag Kumar and Director SWTPL, IISc, Prof Gopalan Jagadeesh were also present on this occasion.

The MoU was signed by Director (Technology & Field Services), ONGC, Shashi Shanker and Prof K P J Reddy on behalf of SWTPL.

With this partnership ONGC will provide assistance to SWTPL for developing Shock Wave Assisted Fracking Technology, an alternate to the conventional hydraulic fracturing which if proven effective as a substitute to hydraulic fracturing, in particular for shale gas exploitation, will be a game changer for the oil & gas industry.

Prominent personalities at the MoU signing ceremony
Prominent personalities at the MoU signing ceremony
(Picture: ONGC/supplied by PROCESS Worldwide Sbcontinet Edition)

Water Consumption Remains Major Issue Of Shale Production

Hydraulic fracturing requires very large quantity of fresh water and huge quantity of energy for pumping the same at very high pressures. Post hydraulic fracturing, the well produces substantial quantity of effluent water which needs to be disposed. These are some of the issues that are bothering the current hydro-frac technology. Therefore, the global oil & gas industry has been searching of late for alternate technique for fracturing which either does not require any water or minimum quantity of water.

Shock Waves are one of the most efficient energy dissipation phenomena. Sudden release of massive amount of energy in a miniscule space domain triggers the formation of these waves. The impulse generated by these waves can be used for many interesting and innovative applications.

In the present project with ONGC, SWTPL proposes to use shock/blast waves for initiating fractures/features in sandstone/shale reservoirs located initially at depths of 1000-1500m.

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