Engineering: Carbon Capture Foster Wheeler to Work on English Carbon Capture Project

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Foster Wheeler's Global Engineering and Construction Group will work on the comprehensive update of the front-end engineering design (FEED) of an English power and carbon capture project.

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A Foster Wheeler subsidiary will act as a subcontractor of Samsung for an English carbon capture and storage project.
A Foster Wheeler subsidiary will act as a subcontractor of Samsung for an English carbon capture and storage project.
(Picture: Foster Wheeler)

Zug/Switzerland – Foster Wheeler was selected as a sub–contractor by a Samsung subsidiary that overlooks the overall FEED update of the Don Valley Power Project in Stainforth, Yorkshire, UK, for plant operator 2Co Energy. The contract value was not disclosed.

The Swiss based engineering will undertake the majority of the process engineering, process integration and FEED update work for inside the battery limits and will manage the process licensors’ technical scope for the gasification and acid gas removal units. Foster Wheeler will also develop the key project philosophy documents and project standards for the overall project, company speakers explained. The company schedules its scope of work to be finished in early 2013. A full operation for the projected is expected by the end of 2016.

Major Carbon Capture Project for Coal Fired Power Plant

The Don Valley Power Project is part of a carbon capture, utilisation and storage scheme (CCUS) being developed by 2Co, comprised of a 900 MW installed capacity (650 MW net export capacity) integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant, CO2 transportation, and storage combined with enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The plant is designed to capture, as CO2, approximately 90 percent of the carbon in the fossil fuel.

Subsea Carbon Storage in Offshore Oilfields

The CO2 will then be compressed and transported via an underground pipeline being developed by National Grid. This pipeline will transport the CO2 to the North Sea where it will be injected into selected oil fields. These oil fields will provide storage for the CO2, and the EOR enabled by the injection of CO2 means a larger proportion of the oil reserves in those fields will be recovered than would otherwise be possible through more conventional methods.

Foster Wheeler has already been appointed by 2Co Energy under a separate contract as a project management consultant for the project, initially up to final investment decision expected at the end of 2013.