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Editor: Dominik Stephan

Packaging developer Bischof + Klein's newly developed B+K Pow Flex Vs provides a converted alternative to paper valve sacks supplements for powder packaging.

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Pow Flex on Palet secured with Smart Flex
Pow Flex on Palet secured with Smart Flex
(Source: B+K)

It is particularly interesting for the construction material industry, but the plastic sacks can also be used on existing lines in the chemicals or foodstuffs industries. The Pow Flex Ffs Eo is an innovative convenience variant for form, fill and seal. Tear-open perforations in each sack section make opening easier and additionally offer a pouring opening. An optional adhesive strip can be applied to provide a resealable closure.

The twin-ply, separable packaging B+K Sepa Flex is suitable for highly sensitive products with particular hygiene requirements: when further processing foodstuffs (e.g. powdered milk or food additives), pharmaceutical precursor products and special chemical products, protective packaging which can be removed easily and without residues protects the high care area from contamination.

Powtech: Hall 1, Stand 519

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