Dairy Industry Conference Food Engineering International Forum Unites Experts

Author / Editor: FoodTEC China / Wolfgang Ernhofer

In this autumn season, Vogel Food Engineering International Forum 2019-Vogel Dairy Industry Conference was successfully concluded at Junlebao Dairy Group in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province on August 28th. With the theme of “Innovation, Quality, and Win-Win”, the conference invite leaders and experts in the Chinese dairy industry chain, as well as nearly 100 delegates in the industry to share innovative operational management experience and advanced process engineering technology, aiming at improving the industrial chain management of the dairy industry, promoting management level and leading the industry to achieve eco-win and high-quality development.

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VFEIF 2019 was held successfully in at Junlebao Dairy Group in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province on August 28th, obtaining high recognition from the participants. The forum totally attracts more than 100 attendees.
VFEIF 2019 was held successfully in at Junlebao Dairy Group in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province on August 28th, obtaining high recognition from the participants. The forum totally attracts more than 100 attendees.
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Beijing/China – The conference was hosted by Vogel Industrial Media FoodTEC China, and co-organized by Hebei Food Industry Association and Junlebao Dairy Group. At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Xiao Jie, General Manager of China Vogel Communication Group China, Mr. Chai Yanbing, Vice President of Junlebao Dairy Group, and Ms. Wu Longmei, Secretary of the Party Branch and Executive Vice President, Hebei Food Industry Association delivered speeches respectively. Lucy Xiao expressed her sincere welcome to the guests who came to this meeting. She pointed out that China's dairy industry are welcoming earth-shaking changes and high-quality development, this conference is at the right time, the conference as a communication platform invited dairy industry professionals to discuss the technical challenges and environmental pressures facing by China's dairy industry, aiming to contribute to the industry's health and safety.

Here are some photos of the event: Picture Gallery of the VFEIF 2019

After the opening speech, the delegates witnessed the release ceremony of the two group standard requirements of the "Diary Industry Integrated Management System Requirements" and "Dairy Industry Total Quality Management 5.0 Operational Excellence Guide". The two group standards were initiated and led by the Hebei Food Industry Association, organizing the dairy industry to summarize the pain points in the process of dairy product development, providing a path and model for the dairy industry to achieve high quality development, and improving the management level of the dairy industry.

After the two-group standard release ceremony, in the technical speech session, nine speakers from dairy production companies and dairy equipment companies focused on the topics "making good products, strengthening the industry, and making excellent brands"," ESL Milk Multiple Production Process Solutions", " Efficient Milk Powder Packaging Solution", " Quality and Environmental Protection of Dairy Powder Production Process ", " Safe, Efficient and Sustainable – Klüber Helps the Dairy Industry Grow Steadily", " Dairy Production Process HACCP and Separation Technology Application", " Infant Formula Milk Powder Cube Solution", "Internal Unannounced Inspection Boosts Quality Safety", "Infant Formula Milk Powder Quality and System Management", sharing their experiences and excellent practices in the development process, providing advice and suggestions for the high-quality development of the industry.

The 28th full-day meeting was highly recognized by the participants. Speakers integrated their technology and applications in the pharmaceutical industry into the food manufacturing industry, opening up ideas and bringing new inspiration to the audience. This is exactly what Vogel Food Engineering International Forum wants to do, to build a platform for technical exchanges among dairy industry professionals, share innovative operational management experience, introduce advanced process engineering techniques, improve the performance of existing equipment, and lead the industry to high quality development.

On the morning of the 29th, some participants visited Junlebao Dairy Group Youzhi Ranch, Yoghurt Factory and Milk Powder Factory. During the visit, the ivsitors have a close understanding of the corporate culture, high-tech research and development level, high-standard production process and high-quality management and control system of Junlebao Dairy Group. When visiting the transparent factory, visitors were amazed by advanced production processes, disinfection methods, packaging methods, clean and tidy production workshops, fully automated production methods, world-class production concepts, and effective environmentally friendly treatment methods, and have a high trust in Chinese dairy products.