Bio–Fuels Fluor Provides Engineering for American Bio–Fuels Demonstration Plant

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Fluor was chosen to provide the engineering works for a new biofuels demonstration facility in New Mexico, USA. The facility shall demonstrate the viability of a new technology by Joule, that was recently granted an innovation award by the Wall Street Journal.

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(Picture: Fluor)
(Picture: Fluor)

Irving; Texas/USA – Fluor was granted an engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) contract by Joule Unlimited for a biofuels demonstration facility in New Mexico. Joule plans to use this site to scale up a pilot process for the production of liquid fuels using the company's novel technology, oficials stated. This new process that uses sunlight to convert proprietary organisms and carbon dioxide into liquid hydrocarbons and ethanol, has recently won the 2011 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in the Energy category.

“We believe that the Joule demonstration facility affords Fluor an opportunity to showcase our integrated solutions and assist in the commercialization of this critical technology,” said Lou Del Tufo, Fluor’s senior vice president of Energy & Chemicals and Fluor's Biofuels business team.

Joule see this project as a chance to demonstrate the possibilities of its new technology, CEO Bill Sims explained: “We fully expect to demonstrate the high efficiencies and commercial viability of our process, which will further enhance Joule's leadership position in the biofuels industry.” The contract value remained undisclosed.