Ultrasonic Flowmeter Flowmeter for Pulsating Liquids

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Making its world debut at IFAT Entsorga is a flowmeter for low flowrates with the unique ability to measure non-continuous and pulsating flows reliably and precisely.

Related Companies

The Dulcoflow from ProMinent is a time-of-flight ultrasonic flowmeter which works with any liquid, thanks to its use of chemically resistant PVDF/PTFE for all wetted parts. The flowmeter is installed directly into pipes of diameter (o.d./i.d.) 6/4, 8/5 or 12/9 mm. It measures flows of 0.1–30 l/h, and with suitable calibration is accurate to better than ±2%, depending on the measurement range. The absence of moving parts means wear-free operation and helps to ensure a long service life. A two-line display, status LEDs and membrane keys ensure simple operation. The display shows the current flowrate, the total volume delivered, or the pump stroke rate. IP65 protection makes the Dulcoflow suitable for wall mounting.