Pneumatic Control Flexible Solution for Integration of Actuators in Hygienic Processes

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Through the combination of the valve terminal type 8640 or an AirLine automation system type 8644 with an airline Quick adapter plate for direct mounting in control cabinets the fluid technology specialist Bürkert offers a flexible and especially compact solution for the pneumatic control of processes.

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8640 valve terminal with Airline Quick adapter and pneumatic connections (Picture: Bürkert)
8640 valve terminal with Airline Quick adapter and pneumatic connections (Picture: Bürkert)

Bürkert valve terminals and automation systems can be used in many different areas of hygienic processes and readily fulfil the high standards of this segment. This is ensured by the integrated process safety features of the valve terminal type 8640 and the automation system type 8644 — features which are especially important in hygienic processes.

Check valves integrated in the exhaust air duct ensure that in the event that all actuators are shut down simultaneously during a disturbance in the system, no back pressure can accumulate in a valve block, which could result in unwanted switching of a valve, with serious consequences for the process. The time-tested HotSwap function allows replacement of faulty valves even during operation, without the risk of loss of air pressure on the entire valve block. The combination of a valve terminal or automation system with the AirLine Quick adapter provides an especially compact system solution for even more flexibility in a smaller space.

Direct mounting in cabinet saves space, time and components

The AirLine Quick mounting system consists of an adapter plate which is bolted on one side to the valve terminal or the AirLine automation system and on the other side directly to the system’s pneumatic connections. After it is connected, the adapter plate enables fast and easy mounting directly on the wall or floor of the control cabinet. An additional plate on the outside provides for added stability. For use in hygienic processes, the AirLine Quick adapter plate and connections are available in a stainless steel model; for less critical application, a less expensive aluminium model with pneumatic connections made of nickel-plated brass is available.

With AirLine Quick all pneumatic connections, the Fieldbus interface and the I/O modules can be mounted directly on the control cabinet floor or wall. This allows an altogether smaller design of control cabinets. Additional components such as hoses, cables or control cabinet connections are eliminated due to direct mounting in the floor or wall, further reducing the time needed for installation and commissioning.

Facts and data of AirLine Quick

  • Adapter made of stainless steel 1.4301 or anodized aluminium
  • Pneumatic connections made of stainless steel 1.4301 or nickel-plated brass
  • Installation in control cabinet wall or floor
  • Media Compressed air, oiled, oil-free, dry or neutral gases (5µm filtration)
  • Valve flow rate of 150 l/min with integrated process safety features; 300 l/min without
  • process safety features
  • Pressure range: Vacuum – 10 bar