Top Trends Packaging Five for Packaging: These are the Top Trends to Watch in 2016’s Packaging Market

Editor: Dominik Stephan

2016 might go down as the dawning of a new age on the packaging market: Experimentation is pushing innovation and technology to create more personalised and differentiated products.

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Packaging will venture beyond simple boxes, blisters and bags: The trend to smaller sizes, personal packaging and sustainability creates the need for new solutions. Only now, technology could be up match to the task. Thus, experimentation and new ways are the top topics at PACE Americas 2016 – We collected the five most important trends everybody in packaging is talking about for you…

  • 1. The rise of the digital: The rapid development of technology has recently brought the concept of interactive packaging, which plays into the trend of value-added packaging, aiming to meet the ever-changing consumer expectation. The rate of advancement is set to increase during 2016, with even smaller companies dipping their toes into the digital world.
  • 2. Clean packaging: Sustainability remains a key factor when producing packaging; however, recyclability is now more of an expectation, requiring brands to go the extra mile. The trouble with providing environmentally friendly options is that consumers are generally reluctant to pay more for it.
  • The concept of ‘clean’ can be taken through to the design of the packaging also, as trends reveal the preference for simple or minimal designs.
  • 3. Looking at size: In a time where brand loyalty is less prominent, brand owners must create and deliver packaging of the right size to meet the needs of the different customer circumstances, be it a family or an individual. A perfect example of this would be the sizes of milk cartons; whilst a family may require larger than is available, a single individual would only need a fraction o the size.
  • 4. Differentiation: Differentiation within a competitive and full market requires vast amounts of market analysis. The aim is to keep consumers on their toes, whilst considering feedback for maximum impact.
  • 5. On-the-go Packaging: Once again, importance in placed on understanding the target market – and with increasing consumer demands flexibility of manufacturing is highly value in creating various design and sizes. Customer requirements can be met by offering dual packaged products. Convenience and easy accessibility are the key points to address within this trend, whilst ensuring the correct materials are used without compromising the brand identity.